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The Tahoe Dinner Bell was born from passion of making fantastic organic food and the love of sharing that food with friends and family. When the dinner bell rings, there will always be something delectable on the table! 

This "Mom and Pop" business is anything but ordinary. We have a broad range of clientele that cover small intimate dinners to large events or special occasions. We also offer fun and unique aspects like ice sculptures, and in-home cooking lessons.

We put our skills and ambitions together to deliver unbelievable food and unforgettable memories for all who partake. We love touching peoples hearts and lives through expressing our art. We deliver smiles to our clients faces and bellies, and are proud to be the highlight of a vacation or occasion!

Chef Nicholas Hernandez


Award winning professional Chef & Ice Sculptor, Chef Nick was born and raised in Westchester New York, of Puerto Rican and Italian descent. A true master of the kitchen, he effortlessly creates new and intriguing offerings filled with flavor and style.  Working in professional kitchens since the age of thirteen, Chef Nicholas developed an abundant passion for the culinary arts.  These experiences led him to pursue his career at a decorated SUNY Culinary School where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, along with a long list of accolades and distinguished honors. 

The ACF (American Culinary Federation)

During his years at the State University of New York at Delhi Nicholas won multiple single person and team competitions.  He was the captain of a Championship team leading them to Nationals, competing at the world renownd Marriot World Center in Orlando, Florida. 


Chef Nicholas exceeded his own goals as a Culinary competitor and Ice Sculptor.  Through the ACF, Nicholas worked with a long list of talented professionals who would help transport him to the level he is at today.

Following Graduation, Chef Nicholas also competed in another major culinary competition at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where he was fortunate enough to be 1 of 4 in the U.S to represent the entire East Coast in a competition for student culinarian of the year.

Chef Nick Hernandez Family
Chef Nick Hernandez

We are a small business & family, we attribute our lifestyle and success to all of our repeat clientele, and we treat every booking as an intimate event, and prepare your menu personally. 

Your meal will be home made with love and your hearts will be full knowing you made a difference in all of our family's lives. 

We genuinely thank each and every one of our current clients and we look forward to meeting the rest of you!

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"Liberate your time, elevate your palate."

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